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what is:
liquidflame is a website powered by php, providing its members with three main functions: a bulletin board system, tutorial board, and an integrated news server, addressing the issues of computer programming, computer security, web design, database management, and other user based inqueries. liquidflame does not support attacking servers or other malicious activities on the internet. liquidflame is a proud supporter of freedom of speech, and does not intentionally censor or discriminate users' posts.

who is:
unlisted: liquidflame maintains the privacy of its users.

why is:
liquidflame exists to improve technical knowledge and promote logical thinking.

can i:
liquidflame does not provide accounts to the general public. while liquidflame does not discriminate based on age, gender, sexuality, or race, it takes security seriously, rendering public accounts impossible. if you would like to see inside the liquidflame structure, pictures are available through contact.